Spotlight Wrestling & Fitness Training

As seen on BBC One’s Inside Out South East. Established 2006.

Spotlight Wrestling & Fitness Training is more than just a wrestling training school: it’s a fun and worthwhile weekly class, always accepting new trainees with any experience level, male or female.

Our head coach is Jonathan Windsor, a man who started out with Spotlight as a trainee himself, and has progressed on to be our head coach after many years with the company. His assistants are Sid Scala, Danny Duggan, and Cieran Donnelly.

We have also had numerous international guest coaches including the likes of famous American stars John Morrison and Shane Douglas; British World of Sport professionals Steve Grey and Johnny Kidd; Mexican legends Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy; MMA/wrestling cross-over stars Bobby Lashley and Matt Riddle; current British standout Zack Sabre Jr; and many more! Former WWE NXT coach Nick “U-Gene” Dinsmore has also put the trainees through their paces in multiple camps.

With trainers of this quality, you know that the standard of coaching you will receive is of the best weekly standard in the United Kingdom—something that Spotlight strives to achieve in all walks of their professional life.


Day: Sundays

Times: 1–4 PM all abilities; 4–7 PM advanced by invite only

Location: The Practise Hall, White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7BT

Ages: 16+

Cost: Matted sessions are £15, in-ring sessions are £20, unless stated otherwise below. Your first session you will also pay an additional £15 as an induction cost (so, £30 or £35 total).

Special Session Notes and Changes

Any questions on upcoming sessions, email

Under the age of 16? We will be scheduling juniors sessions, follow us on Facebook to keep yourself updated!

Professional Wrestling and Fitness Expectations

Spotlight have high standards both in and out of the ring, and expect all potential students to fulfil these standards both while at training or while involved in any wrestling-related task or activity.

When not at sessions, always be sure to try and better yourself. Ensure you’re a member of a gym, or take another class to keep up your core physical fitness. Our training team can help advise you on what classes or exercise routines will be best for professional wrestling.

Wrestling & Fitness sessions cost money to run—in order to make them financially viable to continue we need trainees with commitment to coming along week in, week out. You do not have to exclusively train with Spotlight, but in order to graduate onto shows in the quickest time, it is advised.

Attire at sessions should include clean trainers, clean shorts or joggers, and a clean t-shirt or gym vest. Additionally, bring water to rehydrate. Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance—bring a towel to dry yourself down during the session, but the absolute key is dedication and commitment to becoming a professional wrestler. Bring money with you to each session, and be ready to pay as you walk in the door. Do not enter the training session without the money to pay for your training.

Punctuality is a must. If you are late, you are missing out on key parts of a training session. While at sessions you should be alert, dedicated, and listen explicitly to what your trainer is teaching you. If you miss something vital not only do you endanger yourself, but those who are learning around you.

Frequently-Asked Questions

We’re asked these questions all the time, so to speed up the process…

  • Yes, 16 is the minimum required age to intake with IPW. No, we won’t go lower.
  • Yes, we’ve had trainees start with us up to and including the age of 40 before, so no, you’re not too old.
  • We are wrestling and fitness training, so if you’re not where you want to be with your fitness, that’s something we work on too as well as your wrestling falls and holds.
  • No, we don’t have any other schools, only this one in Kent.
  • No, we don’t train any other day except Sunday, unless we have a show day session on a Friday/Saturday.
  • How is the class structured? We open with a warm up, do fitness drills, and then work into the wrestling training. Come and try it out.
  • No, there’s no commitment to other sessions. Come and try the one and see if it’s for you.
  • If I like it, do I have to come every session? No, but obviously the more sessions you attend the faster you’re going to progress.

No Need to Book

Come on down to any advertised session—no need to book a place, we’ll be there every week. If you’re worried and want to double check, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

Not Too Sure?

If you’re not 100% sure if this is for you, or you’re not sure still what becoming a Spotlight trainee means, feel free to come down to one of our sessions and take part as an observer. It’s £15 per day to observe from the sidelines.

If you have any further questions, direct message us on Facebook.